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SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST   Franciszek Filip Kutrzeba and Martin Thalstrom


76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Small companies that are characterised by individualistic tasks might find it difficult to create common conditions for learning without a strong shared vision. Especially feedback supports and reminds team members to strive for common goals, although individually. In addition, team-based “thinking together” should be applied more frequently so that team members' personal goals and visions could be recognised and comprehended; how to integrate them with the vision of the company as a whole. This study argues that some attributes of the concept of learning organisation were found in the researched record company. The atmosphere is rather beneficial for learning but the organisation relies highly on the learning that is reached individually. Therefore, no emphasis for i.e. team-based learning exists in the company. According to the thesis, this is one of the factors that could hinder development of the company, given the alarming state of the music industry as a whole. Research study...
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