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Growth, Potential and Future Prospects of M-Commerce in India   Devesh Bathla

Growth, Potential and Future Prospects of M-Commerce in India

196 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The purpose of this book is to identify distinctive driving forces of emergence of mobile commerce and find a proper model for studying mobile commerce. It would provide a better understanding of the readiness level of Indians toward use of the mobile commerce and factors affecting the adoption of mobile commerce in India. Based on revised Technology Acceptance model and IDT, this book should help to develop a revised and well suited model to be applicable in mobile commerce context. In order to achieve this purpose, quantitative approach has been taken to survey the “Indian mobile subscribers” and assess the effect of determinants of adoption of mobile commerce applications and services. Implication for managers and academicians are discussed further. Gradually, overall conclusion from empirical data implies that respondents have a favorable intention to use mobile commerce that could guide them to betterment of life.
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