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Training for Individual Capacity Development in Governments   P. Madhava Rao

Training for Individual Capacity Development in Governments

120 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is not a training theory book. Training theory and instructional materials are available in large number in the market. This is a ready to use training manual and Compendium of Training Courses. This book suggests a possible/draft training policy statement for a country; approaches, methods for organising training events; and list of probable training courses and training modules for the Civil Servants working in Central and Local Governments. This training policy statement is developed based on empirical research in many countries. It is hoped that policy makers, national and international advisers, governments can make use of this policy as it is or with a little modifications to suit their country situation without re inventing whole wheel. This saves much of their time. National and International Capacity Development Advisers, Public Sector Reforms/ Administration Reforms Advisers, Experts, Civil Service Reform Advisers, Programme Officers find this book very useful for...
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