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Capital Asset Pricing Model   DANIEL LAZAR and K. M. Yaseer

Capital Asset Pricing Model

204 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In India the growth in the capital market segment is dynamic during the last two decades. The various regulatory measure taken by SEBI and the Government brought confidence in the investors and the capital market has witnessed strong growth in the past few years due to the keen interest from both the foreign institutional investors as well as domestic investors. Today, investing in capital market is quite complex and the investor should take due care while choosing the investment options. Generally the investor has to consider the fundamentals, analysis of return (pricing), and investor preference etc. before the investment decisions. For the analysis and the selection of the best security, a number of models and techniques are available and Capital asset Pricing Models are used widely to decide the risk return relationship of securities in the market. But the literature shows that the testing of the empirical validity of these models give different results in different markets....
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