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Strategic Responsiveness and Market Repositioning in Higher Education   Luminita-Gabriela Popescu

Strategic Responsiveness and Market Repositioning in Higher Education

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This essay addresses contemporary challenges facing managers of the higher education institutions for adaptation to shifting environmental demands that environmental demands have often been a force shaping the structure and policy of higher education does not mean that those demands have been consistent or predictable. The future decryption is completely neglected by Higher Education Institutions which are concerned the adoption of defensive positions, with the aim of preserving the current market position gained. It is need to develop a "vision of the future", a concept devoid of academic rigor and, therefore, difficult to define, but which emphasizes, on the one hand, the force of a clear strategic intent and, on the other hand, the irreplaceable role in achieving this vision of public service to meet the legitimate expectations of citizens. A visionary manager is able "to work today for tomorrow." The strategic responsiveness model proposed is likely to reduce theses...
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