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Work and Family Conflict of Women Manager in Five-Star Hotel   Sangkae Punyasiri

Work and Family Conflict of Women Manager in Five-Star Hotel

144 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Women managers in Thai Five-Star hotels in Bangkok do experience some degree of work and family conflict. In terms of the antecedents of work and family conflict, the number of hour worked, flexible vacation, and need for a full-time maid have the greatest impact on time, organizational and personal related factors respectively. Partner and family support have the greatest influence in reducing the level of work and family conflict of Thai women managers. From interviewing four Human Resource Directors of these hotels, they believed that supportive training programs offered to all employees would benefit women managers as well. What is surprising is that there are few signs of any new strategic human resource policies to redress these work and family conflicts in Thai Five-Star hotels in Bangkok. This is important because work and family conflict is a common problem among female employees. As well as being socially undesirable, such conflict also negatively impacts a number of other...
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