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Mobile Financial Services: Current Implementations and Best Practices   Debashis Sarker

Mobile Financial Services: Current Implementations and Best Practices

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mobile Financial Service (MFS) is a means for solving numerous unmet and latent financial demands of the customers throughout the world. It is performing a crucial role for financial inclusion especially for poor people out of formal financial system. Some MFS providers are trend setter in the industry, others are trying to adapt in the market. Successful implementations have identified up-to-the-minute business propositions, keep diversifying their product offering and proactively respond to customers demands, while not losing the focus on business sustainability. This book would focus on all possible dimensions of Mobile Financial Services by analyzing 25 MFS providers from Asia, Africa, North, Central & Latin America and Caribbean. It also represents current implementations of MFS including products and services, business model, business focus, agents’ network and coverage, products innovation, interoperability status, success factors, uniqueness of the service, drivers for growth,...
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