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Applying the DPSIR Approach for alternative management strategies   Almaz Nebyou,Charles Kilawe and Dirjit Teshager

Applying the DPSIR Approach for alternative management strategies

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book aimed to assess five different management strategies that assure a sustainable conservation of the SMNP. Quantitative and qualitative data acquired through interviews and focus group discussions while secondary data elicited from different sources. The analysis is done to understand the major cause and effect relationships of socio-economic and environmental factors. In this context, the Driving Forces-Pressures-State-Impacts-Responses (DPSIR) approach is used to provide and communicate knowledge on the state and change of causal factors regarding environmental issues. Totally 31 indicators applied, 22 of them adopted from the SMNP General Management Plan (GMP), and the remaining developed from an interactive discussion with different actors of SMNP. Data is processed by the Super Decision Software which is a very powerful decision making support tool.
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