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Vendor Managed Inventory   Dominika Spychalska

Vendor Managed Inventory

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today''s business – highly competitive and hard to predict, modern methods of supply chain management have become an important tool to gain competitive advantage over competitors. Vendor Managed Inventory is one of them. VMI is a replenishment program in which the supplier has the right to control level of customer''s inventory on the basis of demand orders and forecasts from the customer. Regarding strange rules of this kind of business game, so much different from traditional perception of the supplier-customer relationship, it is not so popular among European companies. But the benefits can be various and favourable. Basic advantage of VMI implementation is a reduction of the bullwhip effect. VMI can help also by reducing stock-outs, improving customer service, reducing inventory level and others. A Particular company can make a real profit thanks to the introduction of VMI but if, and only if the implementation proceeds in a well-considered way, preceded by a thorough...
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