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Market Entry Strategies of European Operators in Underserved Markets   Juan Vazquez Ruiz

Market Entry Strategies of European Operators in Underserved Markets

100 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The following paper presents a comprehensive framework for the study and assessment of the economic potential of wireless markets in developing countries. The framework is sequential and recursive, staggered in three stages. The first stage is a macro analysis at the level of the company''s international business model. Its outcome will consist on the assessment of the positive or negative fit of the country''s wireless market within the context of the company''s strategy. The second part of the framework consists on a detailed scrutiny of the country''s telecommunications regulatory conditions, as well as other considerations of nation?wide purview. The third and final stage of the model will be devoted to a careful study of the market conditions at the local level –the competitive structure of the market, the service mix, the estimation of demand and all other matters involving direct contact with clients will be the focus of this last part of the model. Lastly, the model will be...
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