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Challenges and the future of the Public-Privat Partnership in Albania   Ali Turhani

Challenges and the future of the Public-Privat Partnership in Albania

184 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Today it is clearly evident that the governments, of every level, cannot complete all the growing needs of the population for the main services, by acting alone. The need for asking support from another sector, for the completions of these services constitutes the necessity for a collaboration with the private sector. The partnership of the public sector with the private one, is one of the most promising forms for resolving different problems. This collaboration aims at recognizing the benefits that those two sectors can have, from the financial resources, the experience and professional knowledge of the base public services, aimed for the whole citizens. The actors of the private sector can be different investors, financial lending institutions, as well as companies that offer the construction and the operational service. The actors of the public sector are the public authorities that design and implement the policies of a PPP, as well as those authorities that procure the funds for...
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