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How do online social networks change the classical business pattern   Nazmul Arefin Tareq

How do online social networks change the classical business pattern

116 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since Internet has appeared as a new wonder of this twenty first century and it reduces human efforts to get many of complex tasks done easily and quickly, so the people who do use internet are also deserve to be considered as the wonder of nature. I believe, in future, human knowledge about everything would be available on the internet platform completely. The internet has opened the door of communications and it removes the distance and time barriers. Internet also brings business. It is now almost impossible to grow a business without appearing on internet platform doesn't matter whether it is simply a company website to let your customers know about your products. Trading through internet is called as e-commerce and its popularity is skyrocketing even in the third world countries. The classical pattern of business has totally been changed by the influence of internet. This book was written as a part of my MBA work in 2012. Many information used here specially about large...
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