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Following the Leader   Susan Marie Melhuish

Following the Leader

96 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The concept of Followership has traditionally been considered of little importance in the field of leadership. Followers were ‘passive’ and of no consequence in planning the strategic direction of organisations. However, contemporary research is now acknowledging that following is just as important as leading if not more so. This study investigates the styles, roles, relationships and impact of an organisation on three participants in senior managerial positions.Four research questions which emerged from the aims of the study provide direction for case study research. The findings reveal that effective following, far from being unimportant is crucial to the vision of an organisation, influences leadership and sees followers participating in the dual role of leading and following at different times. Further research in this area of ‘new leadership’ is recommended. This study is a sequel to a previous LAP publication Wearing a Coat of Many colours: Archbishop Philip...
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