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The Architect's Home   Gennaro Postiglione

The Architect's Home

215x280 480 страниц. 2013 год.
What if the person living in a house is actually the architect who designed it? Obviously, and interestingly, architects' houses are an intriguing reflection of the needs and personalities of the individuals who created them. The houses themselves read like autobiographies, for the greatest challenge of all in building a house lies in weighing up and finding a balance between architectural aesthetics and the personal wishes of those who live there. The choice of location, the handling of light, every detail of the interior fittings all tell us something about the architect. The 100 houses presented here not only show a broad spectrum of building styles and interior designs, but also tell 100 individual stories of architects and their own four walls, opening a new window on the history of twentieth-century European architecture. When Gennaro Postiglione launched his exhibition project in collaboration with numerous European institutions, he didn't just include stars and famous...
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