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Emotional Intelligence in Telecom Sector in India   Anuradha Sharma and Neelu Rohmetra

Emotional Intelligence in Telecom Sector in India

208 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Emotional intelligence is an art of generating,perceiving and assessing emotions to assist thought;understanding emotions and emotional knowledge; and effectively regulating emotions to promote emotional and intellectual growth.Developing emotional intelligence is not just relevant and critical to those in leadership and management roles.Emotional intelligence is needed in wide spectrum of a profession that demand personal and interpersonal effectiveness,besides ability to work in a dynamic changing and complex environment.Ths book is an endeavor to present the readers with a better understanding of the concept and the scope of its application.The author has put in every possible effort to make the study meaningful as could be so that it proves useful for the organisations under study in particular and the service sector in general.The book attempts to examine the various aspects of Emotional Intelligence in view of its relationship with behavioural response as understood in terms of...
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