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Open Road Tolling (ORT) System for Penang Bridge, Penang, Malaysia   Mazuwin Haja Maideen and Kevin Emmanuel Dawson

Open Road Tolling (ORT) System for Penang Bridge, Penang, Malaysia

156 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book focuses on the implementations of the electronic toll collection (ETC) system on the Penang Bridge, Penang, Malaysia. One of the prevalent complaints of the bridge users using the Penang Bridge is the traffic congestion and the delay which they have to face every day. This is basically caused by vehicles stopping to pay at the bridge toll plaza. Besides that, the daily traffic on the Penang Bridge has reached its maximum capacity of 120,000 vehicles per day and it is constantly increasing every year. The ETC system allows vehicles to pass through the Penang Bridge toll plaza at 90km/h without stopping and automatically deducts the toll fee from the vehicle owner's toll account, hence eliminating the need for bridge users and toll authorities to manually perform ticket payment and toll fee collections. The ETC system basically involves a wireless on board unit (OBU) electronic tag device which is affixed behind the rear view mirror of the vehicle, through which data...
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