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Economic Performance of Pistachio Industry in Iran   Reza Sedaghat

Economic Performance of Pistachio Industry in Iran

196 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Iran ranks first in production and exports of Pistachio in world.Iranian Pistachio is well known to every producer,consumer and also trader all around world. In this book you can see the situation and performance of Pistachio industry in Iran in different aspects. Economics of major varieties of crop and its processing and export were studied deeply. The contents of the book will be highly profitable to the producers, processors and traders all around globe who intend to have knowlege on Pistashio as a main agricultural produce, traded in world market extensively. Also the methodology which has been applied to analyze Pistachio industry in Iran, can help the other researchers/scientists to apply the same ones while doing research on Pistachio or any other horticultural crop in different places of world. Results of the study can help and support agricultural policy makers, not only in Iran but also in any other nation which produces pistachio or at least intends to...
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