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Financial Management Practices in the State Universities of A.P.   K. Murali Mohan

Financial Management Practices in the State Universities of A.P.

328 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Universities play a vital role in the educational set up as well as in the society at large. They have to fulfill a variety of obligations to the student’s community in particular and the society at large. They need adequate financial management practices for fulfilling these obligations. The universities need finances not only for imparting high education but also for carrying out research and educational activities which have wider economic, social and cultural implications. In this book an assiduous attempt is made in the present study to assess the financial management practices in the universities. The S.V. University is selected for the purpose because of its long history, size and diversity of courses in the field of higher education. This Book makes an attempt to analyse the structure and growth trends of receipts and expenditure in the past fifteen years. Deals with the analysis of cash flow and funds flow management techniques adopted in S.V. University.
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