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User-Based Adaptive Information System in Project Management   HAIYAN XIE,Raja R.A. Issa and David (Wei) Shi

User-Based Adaptive Information System in Project Management

372 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Project management involves a lot of decision-making processes. From the decision to initiate planning, to the final decision of decommissioning, the diverse participants collaborate in a continuous effort to define and achieve the ever-changing set of multiple objectives of a project. The flow of information required among all participants is enormous, diverse, and detailed, yet dynamic. People often go to great lengths to obtain useful information to make decisions. The clumsy searching process and excessive requirements of users’ ability with database query languages will affect the usability of systems. Based on the analysis of the project management user model, the authors aimed to build an efficient and practical “request-break-down and information-retrieval” model. By using this model, the authors hope to help project participants develop a more suitable tool for retrieving the intended information. The authors also analyzed what the project-management software should provide...
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