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Conflict Management and Project Team Productivity   Hilda Musonye

Conflict Management and Project Team Productivity

76 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
We should recognize that projects and conflicts are inseparable companions; an environment that is unsuitable and uncomfortable for conflict avoiders. When conflicts occur on the project team or between the team and outsiders, it can reduce morale, lower productivity, increase absenteeism and even cause small or large scale confrontations. Hence, the first step in managing conflicts is recognizing that conflicts exist. The sources of conflicts are several and the book tackles conflicts emanating from the leaders, organizational structure of an entity and stakeholders of a project. This work focuses on the effects of conflicts on project team productivity in order to enhance coexistence of members of a project team and ensure attainment of project as well as overall organizational goals. This book is of interest to a wide range of readers including students in project management, marketing, business management or anyone else who may be considering utilizing projects to enhance...
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