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Using Value engineering in construction management   Rania Aly Abd El Naby

Using Value engineering in construction management

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Value Engineering (VE) is a practice whose goal is, always, to achieve value for money. VE found its first applications in U.S. manufacturing at the end of World War II. Its introduction to construction in the early 1960s was fueled by the U.S. military and expanded throughout the U.S. government. Subsequently, its use has spread globally. The book goes beyond merely describing the theory of VE in order to explain how the methodology can be productively used in practice . it is hoped that the practice advice contained in its chapter will assist engineers , who are involved with establishing VE activities within their organization , it also aimed at assisting all those who may become involved with VE to participate more productivity by giving them greater appreciation of the basics of VE , and how it relates to other construction activities. Selecting the project at the appropriate stage of development (the timing of the study) is very important to the success of the VE study. Value...
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