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An assessment of wood fuel demand and management practices   Belay Zeleke Terefe,Habetemariam Kassa and Thomas P. Z. Mpofu

An assessment of wood fuel demand and management practices

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wood fuel is the most important energy source and forest product on which people depend for cooking, lighting and space heating. It is a renewable carbon-based fuel as long as harvesting does not exceed the rate of biomass replenishment. This study was aimed at assessing wood fuel demand and supply management practices in Debark Town. To achieve this objective, descriptive research design was used. The data was collected from a randomly selected sample of 167 urban households and purposive interviews of 5 governmental officials, 10 wood fuel sellers as well as 30 peri- urban farmers. The survey was administered using questionnaires and interviews to obtain quantitative and qualitative data. Wood fuel supply was estimated at established check points to measure the amount of wood fuel inflow into the town. The findings revealed that eucalyptus globules and olea africana contributed the lion’s share of fire wood and charcoal consumption respectively. Eucalyptus...
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