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The Donations'' Policy of Commercial Companies   Hector Edwards

The Donations'' Policy of Commercial Companies

140 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Among matters of social responsibility that businesses in the corporate world are expected to address is social welfare, which includes donation. The use of and purpose for donations made by companies have been revolutionized over the past four decades. Unlike social institutions and non- profit making organizations, the aim of companies is to maximize profits. In light of inefficient social institutions, coupled with the needs of the less fortunate increasing, companies are faced with the dilemma of satisfying this ever growing demand on their resources, and the desire to increase the wealth of their shareholders. This study examined the empirical data collected by way of a survey, as well as literature existing on this topic, to determine what influenced the policies, and how they are applied within the corporate community in an underdeveloped economy.
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