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Improving the Competitive Position in a Growing High Tech Industry   Dmytro Hrab and Oxana Yamkina

Improving the Competitive Position in a Growing High Tech Industry

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The continuous expansion of the solar market indicated the significance of this research, since the correctly chosen strategy has a direct influence on the success and prosperity of the growing and developing high tech companies. The purpose of this book was to investigate what generic strategies are utilized by big players in the solar photovoltaic industry to improve their competitive positions. The book contains examination of the applicability of Michael Porter’s theory of generic strategies to the high tech industry. This task is done by studying the cases when the simultaneous pursuit of more than one generic strategy was possible. The emphasis was made on the potential of the differentiation strategy and the effect it has on the companies. In relation to the practical side, the benefits of this work are the more thorough understanding of the high tech industries, predominantly the PV industry, and provision of benchmarking examples of successful strategic behaviors. Book...
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