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Issue Related With Marketing Of GM Foods in India   Nitin Kapoor

Issue Related With Marketing Of GM Foods in India

68 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Genetically Modified food products can solve the food requirements of ever growing human population. By making the changes at the genetic level of food products, they can be made to grow very fast, the crops can be made insect resistant, size of products can be increased and changes can be made in life cycle of the crops. Although genetically modified food products are providing huge benefits to people and the government, yet there are many problems in acceptance of these products in the market. So the major issues which create problems in the marketing of genetically modified food products were studied and the factors which create problems in their acceptance were also studied. The study also aimed at finding out the ways and means as to how these issues can be addressed through proper marketing communication and by educating the consumers
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