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Medical Waste Management   Wisam M. Khalili

Medical Waste Management

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The risks associated with healthcare waste, and the contemporary management system, have gained attention across the world in various events, local and international forums and summits. The need for proper healthcare waste management is gaining recognition slowly due to the substantial disease burdens associated with poor practices, including exposure to infectious agents and toxic substances. Despite the magnitude of the health problem, capacities and policy approaches in many countries, especially developing nations, in dealing with environmental health problems are inadequate and require intensification. The world is generating more and more waste and hospitals and health centers are no exception. Medical waste can be infectious, contain toxic chemicals and pose contamination risks to both people and the environment. If patients are to receive health care and recover in safe surroundings, waste must be disposed of safely. Choosing the correct course of action for the different...
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