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Human Capital, Organisational Systems and Technologies   Kerry Tanner

Human Capital, Organisational Systems and Technologies

700 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The aim of the research was to develop a holistic conceptual framework for understanding knowledge, learning and innovation processes associated with knowledge management (KM)-related strategic change initiatives—a framework that avoided the over-simplistic explanations that characterised much of the early KM literature. It would need to accommodate the complexity of factors involved in organisational KM. The primary research goal was ‘to develop a conceptual framework on the interrelationships, relative roles and contributions of human capital and organisational systems and technologies in knowledge-enabled organisational change. The book traces my intellectual journey in developing the framework, from synthesising insights on key concepts from multi-disciplinary literatures to constructing the model. I sought to achieve a ‘perspective of synthesis'' in the framework, ie to see the ‘big picture'', to map the various components that comprise the whole and to understand their nature...
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