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Management of Crisis Situations in Company Using Game Theory   Jan Fuka

Management of Crisis Situations in Company Using Game Theory

52 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Extremism and terrorism are classified as the most serious threat of present. Research and development of counter-terrorism strategies have become a part of international and national organizations and private company policy. Czech Republic is region that would not be threatened by international terrorism, but extremism and terrorism is considered as significant security threat by Czech authorities because of its domestic scene. Issue of terrorism is increasingly studied using game theory. Authors argue that it is not possible to examine various conflict participants, without consideration of their reaction and interaction and game theory is tool that allows to analyzing the individual decisions. This work deals with Czech extremist and terrorist scene and possible terrorist attack on regional company. Based on available information obtained by analyzing domestic extremism and terrorism, and a description of the chosen company, model of security scenarios and rules was designed, which...
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