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Women and Job Satisfaction:   Sahar Latif Rana

Women and Job Satisfaction:

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Human resources are one of the most important resources that organizations own. Efficient and experience workforce always becomes an important contributor towards overall organizational performance. In the present world of business, human resource competence determines level of competence of an organization. In order to remain competitive, firms have to take part in increasing satisfaction level of its human capital on regular basis.Females, although the most important element of workforce but are the most neglected part of our economy and the gender differences are prevailing at their apex level. In lieu of all those international agreements which Pakistan has signed, employees do not receive their rights properly. Females have also contributed in the development of this country since its inception. About one fifth of the Pakistan’s GDP is generated from informal sector which employed 20 million workers in total, out of which 12 million are female staff (Mustafa, 2011). So women are...
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