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Islamic Theory of Motivation   Mohammed Galib Hussain and S.Y. Anver Sheriff

Islamic Theory of Motivation

168 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Motivation theories originated in the west have underpinnings of Greek philosophy. They reflect the socio-philosophical thought of the times. The very fact that some of the old theories are discarded like worn out clothes and new theories are tried out exhibits the limitation of human knowledge. Human thought, however sound logically it may be, cannot be the only source of knowledge. Process theories of work motivation do not address the question of what motivates an employee. So – called content theories stop with describing self – actualizing nature of human being. Humanistic psychology goes a step farther, describes human motivation in terms of peak experiences and religious experiences. Islam, one of the revealed religion for the mankind, answers the question what constitutes peak experience for human beings. It gives knowledge about the essence of divinity, creation, nature of phenomenal objects, life, life after death, man’s role on this tiny planet. It provides...
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