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Productivity Implications of Performance Appraisal System   Viswanatha Subramaniam

Productivity Implications of Performance Appraisal System

60 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Higher the GDP, better the living standards and happiness of the people. The contributor to GDP is the domestic production, which is optimised by "Productivity". The contributors for productivity are the domestic manpower. Appraise the manpower, select the toppers, provide incentives and direct them to be more productive, looks as a feasible management concept. In order to test this concept that "Top performers are always the Top Productive people, and there should be a one to one relationship", this Doctoral thesis was formulated. But testing the productivity grade of 1,000 top performers in diversified types and sectors of corporate organisations concluded that it is not "directly true". The Productivity and Performance of the employees are linked and moderated through the applicable corporate sector Management Information system (MIS), was the finding and conclusion. This was recognised as a concept of universal applicability for all corporate organisations in...
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