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Corporate Governance Practices in Turkey   Kadir Cakar

Corporate Governance Practices in Turkey

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Corporate Governance has become increasingly critical issue for both developed and developing countries in a world of change in particular over the previous decade. With the emergence of Enron corporate collapse in the USA and well-known corporate scandal of Parmalat that emerged in Italy became starting point of Corporate Governance phenomenon. After emerging such cases governments took further steps both at state and firm level in response to challenges deriving from scandals. Besides, to overcome issues and to provide investor confidence again in financial markets necessary regulations were made in terms of better corporate governance practices. From this point of view, in this book current Corporate Governance practices of Turkey are dealt with within the context of its candidate country status towards to the European Union. As a consequence, considering Turkish accession process to the European Union to remove chronicle problems of Corporate Governance practices some...
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