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Institutional Finance For Housing In Tirupati   Babu J.

Institutional Finance For Housing In Tirupati

308 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Housing is a basic necessity as well as an important economic activity. A major challenge in housing sector is to ensure improved access of housing with associated infrastructure to all the citizens with particular reference to weaker sections. A house fulfills many important individual and social needs and is a critical asset to own, both for men and women. As shelter, it fulfills a basic need and also provides social security, an aspect of people’s sense of identity and self esteem. Investment in housing, like any other industry, has a multiplier effect on income and employment generation. Housing also provides opportunities for home based economic activities. Adequate housing has also an important role in the health status of occupants. Hence, housing is a very important tool in mitigating poverty and generating employment.
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