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The Constitutive Role of Organizational Communication   Reeta Raina

The Constitutive Role of Organizational Communication

152 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Effective communication is important for the survival of an organization in this era of information revolution, accelerating change and highly competitive global economy. Effective communication helps us in building and promoting harmonious working relationships which are essential for effective group functioning. It leads to coordination and integration of the activities of individuals as a work team and encourages positive attitudes required for motivation, cooperation and other important organizational processes. Communication is seen as an important determinant to the organizational effectiveness. Effective communication assumes more importance in the Indian context as India is become an epicenter of world business today. To survive and grow in such a hyper competitive environment, Indian firms need to re- look at significance and the nature of communication, find ways to organize communication function so that it can support the overall mission of the firm....
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