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Demand Sensitiveness among Rural Consumers   Sharda Gangwar

Demand Sensitiveness among Rural Consumers

64 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
With increasing incomes and awareness levels, the needs and consumption in small towns of India are converging with larger, more affluent towns. Though there are fewer affluent and middle class consumers in these smaller towns their tendency to trade-up is often higher than that of their big-city counterparts.Keeping all this view, this project work has been completed on the basis of a survey to study the topic “Demand sensitiveness among rural consumers.This research has been conducted to create an awareness regarding the utility of this topic and prove and they are based on scientific studies.The current issue to check the demand sensitiveness and elasticity level products and services is shows that the rural population is also having sensitiveness towards these topics and they were also having elasticity towards the changes in the specifications and conditions.
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