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Funds management   Velu Raj Ramasamy

Funds management

276 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cooperative banks are offering various products and services to the customers and members at an affordable rate of interest. Cooperatives believe in achieving the optimum level of profit while doing effective services. The assessment of profitability -- in terms of aggregate and product specific -- would help in evolving suitable policies for sustaining the financial soundness and viability of the bank. The present work examined the financial performance and profitability of a term lending cooperative bank in India. It focused on the analysis of financial performance, profitability, and the factors influencing productivity and profitability. The book also focuses on the application of linear programming to bank products and services describing the allocation and acceptance of funds for various business alternatives which will either maximize the profit or minimize the cost. The book is useful to the managers, officer trainees, teachers, students, researchers, and practitioners in...
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