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The Essence of Advertising Management—An Indian Perspective   Sarmistha Sarma

The Essence of Advertising Management—An Indian Perspective

252 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Good Advertising is not to say anything to sell everything, but to say everything to sell something worthwhile. The growth of Advertising in any country is directly linked to the level of business activity in that country. The size of the advertising industry is considered as the indicator of the living standard of the country. In India the growth of the advertising industry has seen a phenomenal growth in the 21st century. Every company big or small feels the need to present itself to its customers as the level of competition is cut throat and no company can rest assured that it is good enough not to advertise. Companies ranging from large Global players to small local retailers are increasingly relying on advertising and other promotional strategies to help sell their products and services. Almost everyday millions of us in India watch television and see in newspapers and magazines famous personalities promoting brands of diverse nature. Therefore the need to understand the...
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