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Resource Allocation Model   Urishanie Govender,Jan Kruger and Riette Eiselen

Resource Allocation Model

316 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This was an exciting project with huge spins off for the economy. Improving government efficiency will result in improved decision making and ultimately create certainty in busines. South African Air Quality Units are continuously undergoing changes, and improving their performance remains a constant endeavour. In addition, these units are also experiencing several challenges in terms of improving communication across the different spheres, accessing air quality data and using the information to support the decision-making required for efficient management of air quality in South Africa. This study investigated the concept of output efficiency within the South African air quality management context. Models that enable efficient resource allocation can be used to assist managers in understanding how to become efficient. There are, however, few models that focus on the output efficiency of the public sector and air quality management units. The primary purpose of the study...
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