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Human Resource Abstraction and Practices   Kamanuri Sekhar

Human Resource Abstraction and Practices

288 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In a service organization like the banks, the human resource management is a very valuable issue to be handled carefully. Though many studies were made with short term utility oriented objectives, a concrete study involving variety of HR issues was not made and many researchers were not able to measure the perception of the middle management personal, who act as a vital link between the top as well as the bottom wings of the banking industry. With the special emphasis on middle management executives, with reference to their background experience in a bank as well as their exposure to training, promotion, age and career path, different dimensions on HR was not so far studied. As a pioneering study made in this open economy policy period, this research will be a very useful one for policy guidance for the current situation. Moreover, the growth in the number of employees in commercial banks in last four decades has increased more than four fold and it is still on the rising trend....
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