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Healthcare Delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa   Augustine Awuah Peprah

Healthcare Delivery in Sub-Saharan Africa

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In an era of increased competition and high cost in healthcare delivery, the healthcare industry has reorganized its service delivery systems to include the adoption of patient centred approach which shifts the culture of the healthcare system from one formed by the preferences and decisions of medical professionals to one shaped by the views and needs of its users. As a result, patients demand the quality of service that meets their expectation and needs. This book emanates from a research conducted to assess patients’ satisfaction and perceived service quality at Sunyani Regional Hospital in Ghana. It brings to bear some of the factors influencing patients' satisfaction such as attitudes of nurses toward patients, the capacity to deliver prompt service without wasting time, ability to disseminate information to patients, the availability of up-to-date equipment, the hospitals' ability to render 24 hour service, among others. This book is considered as a useful resource to...
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