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Astute Manager: Maintaining Positive Employee Relations   Talil Abrhiem

Astute Manager: Maintaining Positive Employee Relations

160 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Dr. Abrhiem as a practical person in the actual profession of business for over 30 years allows him to share his experiences and skills with managers and learner along with the combined education. Managers, Staff, Faculty, and Students will learn about organization management and the human resource function. Managers will be prepared to control the selection and development of personnel, equal opportunity, compensation, benefits, safety and health requirements. Managers will analyze various human resources issues using a case study approach in this book. International business environment cases are designed to explore the macro to micro environment of international business, with analysis of the functional strategies of multinational corporations. In the years ahead, Dr. Abrhiem will continue building on his program of research. There are many changes in training policies and procedures. He expects these goals will continue to be cornerstones in his approach to the organization and...
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