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Analysis of Data Recovery Awareness and Corporate Behavior   Zil A. Shah

Analysis of Data Recovery Awareness and Corporate Behavior

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Complying with the objective the report is designed to aware the corporate and students on topic “Data Recovery” and explaining the measures towards minimizing the risk arising out from data crashes among the corporate and SME with the special emphasis on the development of skills in analyzing and interpreting practical problems through the application of theory, concepts and techniques of management. I also did a survey for checking corporate behavior in post data disaster recovery plan and gauging the trend among corporate on information security and data confidentiality, which would be helpful for the company to find a suitable customer for service providence. The project report includes the introduction to data recovery and also Stellar Information Systems Ltd. I gave analyzed the market research for better understanding of data recovery awareness, explaining corporate behavior in data disaster recovery plan and corporate trends for information security or data...
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