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Corporate Financial Strategies and Performance   Josephat Lotto

Corporate Financial Strategies and Performance

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The distribution of equity holdings, which relates to corporate control power, serves as a control mechanism to optimise the allocation of corporate resources. Therefore, through control power granted to a firm’s equity holders, ownership affects productivity by influencing the company’s financial policies and thus its performance. Equity owners use their voting power to limit selfish managerial behaviour patterns, which impacts on company performance. Regarding the influence of ownership on capital structure and performance, it is suggested that larger block-holders tend to monitor managers and, as a result, prevent them from making financial decisions that favour their own self interests, including decisions to adjust the corporate capital structure to suit their personal advancements. Reflecting on Jensen's Free Cashflows Hypothesis, dividends may also play a crucial role in preventing controlling shareholders from extracting personal benefits and, therefore, reducing...
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