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The Role of Human Resource Management in Modern Business   Milenko Macura

The Role of Human Resource Management in Modern Business

84 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
(in review) Following his vision of human management that liberates man from hierarchical subordination and opens doors for his active participation in the context of human resource management, the author introduces us into a new era of the holistic society. It is on this basis that he tries to free us from the position that will be referred to as the dark age of management by the future generations. This book is an important innovation in the area of human resource management in the global management context, not only in the literature in Serbia but also in Europe and worldwide.Hence it is expected to be recognized as relevant literature for both students, researchers, managers and businessmen of varied profiles. What is needed to successfully introduce your organization into the 21st century? A leading expert in the field of Human Resource Management provides a consolidated experience and wisdom that he gained during the thirty years following the activities of the...
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