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Catch-up Strategy,TICs and Firm Performance   Juan Shan

Catch-up Strategy,TICs and Firm Performance

384 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the past decades, a number of studies have examined China’s economic development by focusing on institutional changes and government interventions at the national or industry levels. But at the firm level, how do the local firms catch up? What’s the technology strategies adopted by them in order to compete against the foreign firms in technology-based industry? Does the existing literature about the catch up process of latecomers are applicable to these new latecomers from China? This research tries to contribute to the emerging research stream on technology creation in one of emerging country, China. In this study, we attempt to explore the different technology strategies adopted by latecomer firms in China. And after that, we investigated whether different technology strategies, expressed in terms of technological innovation capabilities (TICs) have impact on product innovation and firm global performance in Chinese electronic industry. The analysis should help shed some light...
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