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Healthy and Beautiful From Head to Toe   Ionica Oncioiu and Anca Nedea

Healthy and Beautiful From Head to Toe

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The studied problem is how Ana Aslan Health Spa was able to develop different types of spa services and create a name well-known on the local and international market, generating incomes increases each year since its opening in 2004. * Object of study is to analyze the product and the market of Ana Aslan Health Spa, our mission being the reengineering of the spa in order to increase profitability. * Studied statistics of industry are the analysis with general worlwide trends and present situation on the balneary market in Romania we were able to show the rapid growth and potential of these services in the next years, potential that started to be exploited by other competitors also. * The main tasks of the study are: - to put together the competitive set of Ana Aslan Health Spa with primary and secondary competition and to set up a SWOT analysis, which showed the need of a Benchmarking of its services (packages, procedures, subscriptions) to the competition and to the industry...
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