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Environmental Issues in the Management of Oil Business in Nigeria   Obinna F. Nwachukwu

Environmental Issues in the Management of Oil Business in Nigeria

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Nigeria is the 4th largest crude oil producer in the world. Oil revenue accounts for over 90% of national income. This precious gold is located in the Niger-Delta region- an area that hosts over 1000 oil wells and several oil companies. But the situation in that region is nothing to write home about. Poverty, disease, death, squalor, environmental degradation and pollution are common sights. This book, a result of four-year research work by the author covering nine oil producing states, is a modern addition to existing literature. Written in lucid and clear language,the author places strong emphasis on practical rather than theoretical concepts, making great contribution to the reader’s in-depth understanding of the issues. It is hoped that the revelations would propel the Nigerian Government to formulate more policies in that sector as well as assist operators, academics, scholars and lovers of green environment in further research on the subject matter
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