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Knowledge Management   Mohammad Poorsartep

Knowledge Management

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The importance of organizational knowledge has been recognized for over fifty years. In recent years, new organizational form—knowledge based firm—has emerged and companies are in an unending struggle to differentiate themselves from their relentless competitors. As markets are stormed with innovative and ever more customized products, the differentiator factor has become the unique ways they are produced. This differentiator is referred to as a “core competency” that takes a very long time to imitate successfully because they are developed gradually through human exchange and dedicated investments in continuous learning. Hence, they grant the company a sustainable competitive advantage. Meanwhile, literatures show a strong link between knowledge management (KM) and the creation of a sustainable competitive advantage, due to the tacit nature of an organization’s knowledge, since KM can help to capture the tacit knowledge and utilize it towards achieving organizational objectives. This...
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