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Employee Welfare In Industry   Madhusudan Gubbala and Nagaraju Battu

Employee Welfare In Industry

468 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Jute Industry plays an important role in the Indian economy, especially in the economy of eastern region. It is important to the economy not only due to its capacity to earn foreign exchange but also to provide substantial employment opportunities to industrial sector within the country. Welfare programmes assume special significance in a country like India, where poverty among workers pervades and where individually an Indian worker is generally not in a position to create such welfare facilities which can make his life more pleasant. The health of the industrial workers is of cardinal importance not only to him but also in relation to general industrial development. The importance of industrial health service is greater in India than elsewhere because of the incidence of tropical diseases, unhealthy working environment and bad working conditions. Modernisation and industrialization has been seen as an important factor for the growth of a country. However, the attempt to achieve...
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