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Identifying Core and Non Core Business Functions   Mark Fuller

Identifying Core and Non Core Business Functions

348 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Over the last decade, new strategies have been explored to look at innovative ways of organising business for competitive advantage. The decision processes currently being used by organisations, when they make their outsourcing decisions, are not adequate for today’s business environment. This research uses a Case Based methodology involving five organisations as the primary source of data. This book is divided into three broad areas; the first area looks at the core concepts and identified limitations. The second area examines outsourcing for competitive advantage and the third covers how organisations' determine between core and non-core functional areas and the decision process they use to decide what is core and what is not. Using comparative analysis the existing theory is compared with a practical assessment of these organisations, to understand how they identify core and non-core competencies across the functional areas of their business and how and if they are applied...
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